Friday, December 13, 2013


I know the series finale was not the greatest they could do but overall it was a good show. Dexter is about and forensic blood splatter analyst who has to kill otherwise he goes insane. Now he does not kill random people, he kills bad people like rapists, murderers, and well that's about it but there are a lot of people like that out there. So it turns out the reason he is like this is his mom was chainsawed to death right in front of him when he was a baby (he remembers latter into the first season). And he gets fostered by a police officer named Harry Morgan and later Harry learns that no matter what happens he will end up killing people. So he tells Dexter that there are people out there who deserve it and he teaches Dexter how to kill them and teaches him the code like only kill bad people, or don't take anything. Also he teaches him how to cover his tracks and get away with it. Which means a lot of plastic rap (may be wrong), duck tape, and garbage bags. After he kills them he chops them into pieces and dumps them into the ocean off of his awesome boat. He also gets into some relationships and marries a women named Rita who he is with till season 4 and has a kid with (Harrison Morgan), but gets killed by the trinity killer right before Dexter kills him. The other relationships I don't think are that important but the relationship with his sister is (not dating). His foster sister Deb is a cop also and works with Dexter and they are very close. She gets a couple promotions even to Lt. but quits when she sees Dexter kill Travis (or the Doomsday Killer) and she freaks out even tries to commit suicide and kill Dexter at the same time by running there car into the river. She later also dies and that's when he decides to leave his kid with a killer girlfriend (literally) and become a lumber jack (almost) in Canada. Yeah that's how this awesome series ends. Otherwise it is a great show. Next time I will review my favorite show Breaking Bad.

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